about ben levy...

Beginning his career as an artist in 2009, Ben took a leap of faith and gave up his nine-to-five to follow his passion. After making artworks in his studio in the evenings and at weekends, he had his first show at “Nowhere North” with such success that it shortly led to follow up shows at The Other Art Fair in 2011 and
twice in 2012. Ben developed his craft through his own practice having shunned traditional academia for real world experience. Growing up in a blue collar environment he explored his views and beliefs through his art although also found himself at odds with the art world institution:

“ My ideas evolve from my interests, they must captivate and motivate me, I simply loose concentration when painting something I’m not interested in so I choose not too.”

In a world where celebrity is the new religion and sensationalised press the backbone of information, Ben’s work reflects his views on modern society.

Making statements on political, racial, sexual and other global topics, Ben’swork ranges from famous faces in unorthodox scenarios to outspoken pieces pointing the finger at corporate establishments.