about Sandra Casagrande & Roberto Recalcati…

Based in Milan, artist duo Casagrande & Recalcati, featuring Sandra Casagrande and Roberto Recalcati, are among the leading artists of today’s contemporary Italian art scene. Inspired by artists such as Giovanni Bellini and Cosmé Tura their work conveys a sophisticated and translucent hyper-realism in which pop style meets the latest trends of ‘new figuration’.

Their works feature in many important private collections around the world and have been exhibited at a number of prestigious venues. The duo have been commissioned by high profile brands such as Swarovski, Fendi Casa and Dolce & Gabbana among others.

Casagrande & Recalcati say: 

“We want our paintings to convey the sensation of dreams. Just as in dreams we would like that the ultimate sensation is one of mystery, the more everything seems explained, narrated, magnified as if under the lens of an investigator, the more the final meanings of what the viewers see escape them, remaining remote and elusive.”