about El Cappy...

Eric “El Cappy” Lowry, is a Detroit based and self-taught artist that has been breaking through not only the contemporary art scene, but the fashion industry as well.  He has gained vast popularity from his collections of work idolizing pop culture with his own imaginative edge.  He has worked with today’s top companies such as Shinola, Stella McCartney, Stock X, Nike: for March Madness, Complex: for the cast of the film “Detroit”, and the Lions: for “My Cause, My Cleats”. 

Eric Lowry is known for his extremely intricate designs that require strenuous hours of strategy and artistic ability to go into each piece.  One of is most notable artworks, “Might as Well”, is his 7 foot tall Playboy sculpture: a self-made and stretched canvas created with actual magazines and mixed media.  This piece is layered with some of Playboy’s most iconic covers ever to be shot and is a fine example of the limitless boundaries on the artist’s skill and creativity.

Cappy is also infamously known for his artistry in shoe customization, using leather paint atop of high end sneakers.  He has produced works for Detroit’s biggest names, such as Dan Gilbert. His time spent living in Austin & Dallas, Texas has led to Lowry’s growing popularity amongst athletes. Lending his creative hand, Eric Lowry has become top of mind when it comes to sneaker customization – leaving his clients from athletic teams such as the Cowboys, the Bills, the Saint’s, the 49ers, & the Lions, to be set apart from the rest of the sneaker collectors.

Currently working with Stella McCartney’s team in a shoe design collaboration for London Fashion Week 2018, as well as creating a run of 50 watch bands for Shinola.