Euphoric 60x48.png

Nairi Bagdasarian artist statement…

Since I was a child my passionwas to make art. Drawing and painting became second nature to me throughout my life. I attended the University of Michigan’s School of Art & Design and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2013. After college,I moved to Californiafor a short while where I became the Grand Prize winner of an art competition held by the City of Los Angeles. My painting was displayed on the LADOT buses for several months.

My paintings allow me to communicatefour ingredients oflife: Love, passion, beauty, and vibrancy. 

Continuously evolving as an artist, I have begun to gear toward larger format paintings. My belief is that the larger the painting, the more consumption and influence it has over its audience, allowing the viewerto get lost in thought and emotion. 

My style of painting is diverse. I carry elements of abstract and realistic art with impressionistic and gestural techniques usingoil and acrylic paints on canvas. I let myself go throughthe colors and textures within the body of mypaintings. The freedom and expression is exhilaratingand to say the least, an escape. 

It’s easy to getconsumed by our everyday lives. Pressure, competition, social media, fear, anger, and crime are the distractions that keep us from remembering that there is still loveand beauty around us. I wish for people to look at my paintings, get lost in the virbrantcolors and feel that sense of love, passion, and beauty.Myinspiration derives from peopleI meet, different cultures, traveling, moments, desires, and colors. I paint whateverI wantand embrace the spontaneity of my thoughts in each painting as I continue to evolveand experience life.

- Nairi Bagdasarian