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about nancy thayer…

The work of Nancy Thayer has been shown extensively throughout the U.S and in Italy, Germany, Hungary, Poland, The Netherlands and Korea. She is on the faculty of the University of Michigan, School of Art & Design, Ann Arbor.  She also is serving on the Executive Board of Directors of InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit, an organization whose purpose is to bring leaders of many faith communities together in actively promoting peace, respect and mutual understanding. 

In describing her paintings she states, ”While the visual content refers to and suggests forms of nature, they are not meant to be representational or site specific.  My intention is always to communicate the spiritual essence and impact of the environment. 

“In one series of paintings I focused on sacred grottos, caves and stalactites to express a private place for contemplation and a sense of solitude deep within what has been formed by nature over long periods of time.”