About Nicolas Rousselet…

Nicolas Rousselet, based in DETROIT / USA. 

The heightened expressions in Nico Rousselet's multi-media paintings reflect the artist's fascination with the relationship between objects and the emotions they evoke. Using the visual effects of photography as a basis, Rousselet dissolves the clean surfaces of his chosen subjects through virtuosic conceptualization and abstraction, creating imagery that shift between matter and sensation. Ranging from the classics to modern day supercars, objects engineered for transportation and recreational purposes are transformed into impassioned beings in his paintings.

Rousselet received a Master’s degree in Transportation Design from the Strate School of Design in Paris in 2006. Nico has produced commissioned works for the Petersen Automotive Museum, Keanu Reeves's Arch Motorcycle, S111, Makellos Classics, as well as numerous private collectors.